A posssible explanation on UFO monitoring shuttle at space station
An unidentified flying object was involved in a near-miss incident with a police helicopter above a Sandwell beauty spot earlier this year
The pilot managed to swerve out of the mystery aircraft's way while he was on a routine police surveillance task over the city centre earlier this y
REPORTS of a UFO spotted in the skies above Chatton have been dismissed as the activities of military aircraft.
Imagine a UFO as big as an aircraft carrier, hovering motionless in mid air, then traveling at speeds up to 7600 miles an hour...and disappearing fro
Mysterious flying objects of all shapes – round, ellipsoid, rectangular and triangular – can often be spotted near Lake Gaipo in the Cordilleras. Loc
Video Footage showing a beam of light coming down to earth from what looks like to be a UFO.