Eyewitnesses told Sky News that up to 70 bright circular objects could be seen near Halesowen.
THE man who called the police about a UFO above St Edmundsbury Cathedral today told how he feared an alien invasion.
GAZETTE readers have helped solve a mystery of the universe.

We have been inundated over recent days with reports of "UFOs" in the skies of th
In July 1947, amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold made the first widely reported sighting of a UFO in the United States. His sighting of nine strange object
When Neal Herbert bought a new camera he tried a few night-time shots in Norwich- and found something he wasn't expecting.
Melbourne, Dec 11 (ANI): In the latest UFO riddle to grip Australia, a reader has spotted what appears to be a flying saucer hovering directly above
TERRITORY UFO spotter Alan Ferguson says that mysterious objects have returned to the skies above his Top End property.
It turns out that the sightings over Peeblesshire were just Chinese lanterns containing merssages to Santa.