NEWTOWN, Pa. - Some people are turning their attention from football playoff and presidential coverage in an otherworldly direction at a weekend conf
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The Strange But True Radio Podcast began over 2-years ago.The aim has never changed, to bring the l
The 'Mysterious Girl' singer is moving to Los Angeles with his wife, Katie 'Jordan' Price, and he said he'd been texting Williams to try and org
Mainstream media in the United States overwhelmingly ignored UFO reports in 2008, a writer has charged. Even worse, the media --often snobbish-- also
Students at Hong Kong University have condemned the abrupt cancellation of a course exploring Exopolitics and UFO phenomena. The Hong Kong Institute
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Pop star and UFO fan Robbie Williams' imminent move to a £7 million country house may be as much to do with its location in an extra-terrestrial hot
The 42 toy English fox terriers were found inside a 5 x 9 trailer with an unidentified woman. Authorities said the woman believed the dogs were dying